Let Flashstrap free your hands for the real work.

The handheld tactical flashlight has become an important tool for those in law enforcement, the military and for everyday use. Technical innovations have made it possible for the handheld tactical flashlight to achieve the highest quality beam of light.

Your handheld tactical flashlight has many uses but is limited to being “handheld.” With the Flashstrap your “handheld” tactical flashlight goes HANDS-FREE! When you own a Flashstrap, there is no need to waste time and money using inferior single-use headlamps when you need hands-free lighting. Flashstrap allows you to get more out of your investment by easily converting your tactical light into a durable high quality headlamp.

Flashstrap is made in the USA with the highest quality material. Heavy gauge thread, woven elastic and master craftsmenship to ensure a product that is durable, rugged, and reliable.  Now your tactical flashlight can be your headlamp.

Flashstrap is compatible with most name brand tactical flashlights. Below are just a few of the popular brands that work well with Flashstrap: